Our Neighborhood

We are a church located in and exist for the flourishing of North Nashville for God’s glory.  

North Nashville (Germantown, Buena Vista, Buena Vista Heights, Bordeaux, etc.) is a historical and culturally rich part of Nashville. An area adjacent to downtown was early a haven for european immigrants and culture. During the twentieth century it provided a welcoming refuge for residents and those fleeing the effects of Jim Crow. It became a place where black businesses thrived, cultural art forms grew, and institutions were developed to help young minds flourish. A hotbed for culture and activism, North Nashville was the backbone of Nashville’s Civil Rights Movement, birthed the Fisk Jubilee Singers that helped Music City become nationally known, and rock and roll legends played at night up and down Jefferson street!

However, after its golden age interstate 40 was built over Jefferson Street and the area started to decline. Its reputation changed and resources started to flow out of the area. Currently it is undergoing tremendous change and is a hotbed for Nashville’s rising interest in revitalization/gentrification. Germantown and Salemtown are near complete in their transition from under-resourced to fully gentrified. Buena Vista and Buena Vista Heights are beginning to witness this same transition first hand and with mixed responses. Some praise it as an influx of capital into a new part of town. While some historic residents are feeling pushed to the side and unwanted by new residents. Displacement is beginning to affect many of our neighbors and it is noticeably a community in transition. Currently you will find deeply rooted residents, recent transplants, and everything in between visiting historic chicken shacks and burgeoning pizza joints.

We love the pride and diversity that exists in this community and invite you to be a part of what God is up to in North Nashville. Come along with us as we join Jesus and his people who have lived and served this part of the city for many years. Help us build a church that loves God and neighbor, not just in word, but in deed; a church that values every person and their history; a church where diversity is embraced and seen as a good thing; a church that brings resources to the under-resourced; a church that longs to see justice for everyone and mercy is its currency; a church where you don’t have to believe to belong; a church that is in North Nashville and for North Nashville. This new church is called All Souls Church of Nashville. We hope that you will come visit