Core Values


We believe that truth is real, accessible, and something we are all searching for. We live in a time when many think truth is relative and a personal decision. In this cultural moment we believe God is the ultimate truth and has revealed himself in the historic scriptures of the Christian faith and ultimately in his son Jesus. Our desire is to be a community that invites all to come and explore the claims of Jesus and to encounter the truth of his life and message. His message is often called the Gospel, which means good news. At the center of the Gospel is the truth that we are far more broken and sinful than we have ever realized and that in a relationship with Jesus we are far more loved than we ever dared dream.      


Worship can sound like a very religious word. However we believe everyone worships whether they are religious or not. We give love, respect, time, and money to things and people that we believe are worthy of it.  Look around and you will see people bending their lives around something - money, status, comfort, entertainment, sex, health, possessions, family, sports teams, work, etc. We enjoy many of these things as well but believe our hearts were made to worship God and it is this relationship with him that prevents all these other gifts from becoming addictions and distortions.  Worship to God is foundational to who we are and as we come together each Sunday we remind each other who is worthy of worship and confess our tendency to elevate created things above the creator. We worship God together on Sunday and leave seeking to worship him with our whole lives each and every day.  


When we enter into a relationship with God by faith in Jesus we enter into community with him and to his body, the church. Being united to Christ means we are united to everyone that he is united to. We are part of a big family and long to welcome you as a brother or sister. We desire to build this family through meaningful relationships. Together, and with grace we can cry with each other, celebrate with each other, and encourage one another in our pursuit of a loving God who has been pursuing us. We will not be an exclusive club, but a group of people who welcome anyone to join us on this journey of faith, exploring who Jesus is and how he changes everything.


Whether it is through a Mariota touchdown pass, music at the Opry, the rolling hills of Middle Tennessee, or a well-crafted Slim N’ Huskys pizza - Nashville is full of beauty. God created a beautiful world and called it GOOD. We all appreciate beauty and long for its presence in our lives. Yet turning on the TV, reading the news, and when we are honest about our relationships and ourselves we are confronted with the various ways ugliness shows itself in our world. In the Gospel, God has promised to someday restore the world to a state of perfect beauty, and invites us to work towards this goal in the midst of brokenness and suffering.  We will be a community that celebrates beauty wherever we find it and strives to restore it where it seems to be missing.   


When we say that God is merciful, we mean that he has shown forgiveness and compassion to us based on nothing we have done to deserve it. Experiencing the mercy of God moves us to show mercy to others. Nashville, like most cities, is in desperate need of merciful Christians caring well for their neighbors and working for the flourishing of all people. We take this especially seriously in regard to the oppressed, under-resourced, and forgotten. We will be a community that is sensitive to the spiritual and physical needs of our neighbors, constantly seeking to show kindness and generosity.


Racial injustice has been a part of our country and city’s stories for far too long. Racial injustice is found in economics, education, justice and health systems, available resources in our city, etc. This is unacceptable. As Christians, we believe people are created in the image of God and person is valuable and important and worthy of our love and respect. Because of this, we also believe that God has called us to work on behalf of people who are treated unjustly, trampled by the powerful, and often forgotten. We will work to bring an end to racial injustice, not by simply paying lip service to a cause, but working alongside our neighbors and showcasing unity offered to us in the Gospel of Jesus.