To get connected with any of the following opportunities, please email or text Kirk Adkisson (email and phone included below).

Connect in Worship

Location: We currently worship on Sundays at 9:00 AM at Jones Paideia Elementary School, 1800 9th Ave North. Parking is available on the street and at the building.

What to expect: All Souls seeks to creatively and relevantly express the historic Christian faith as found in the Apostles and Nicene Creeds. We are diverse ethnically and economically. And, because we are Christian, all are welcome. At All Souls we often say you don’t have to believe to belong. Because of this we have people who attend and are part of this community who don’t share our faith commitments, but come because they feel welcomed and valued.  

There certainly isn’t a dress code for worship. You will find that most people dress casually, but if you like to dress up for church, please do!

We want you to know that we don’t think we have it all together. All Souls is committed to being honest about who we are as human persons - that we are all flawed and in need of mercy from God and one another.

Our services have similar structures. We pray, confess our sins, worship through song, and have a time of teaching from Scripture. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each week believing that the Lord’s invitation to his table is continual and refreshing for our souls.

Connect Through Service

Service in the Church: There are many ways to serve, especially in a brand new church. Our teams that serve on Sundays are a great way to get connected to people and add value to your experience.

  • Set-up/Tear-down - Come connect with others and help us transform our space into a welcoming place for worship

  • Hospitality - Prepare coffee and snacks and meet and greet people who join us for worship

  • Children’s Ministry - Children are a gift from God and we long to welcome them into our community as Jesus did. (background checks are done on all volunteers)

  • Worship Team - If the Lord has gifted you musically we would love to have you serve with us in worship.

Service in the Community:

  • Tutors - We have partnered with Jones Paideia Elementary School. There are many opportunities for folks who would like to work with children. (Nashville Public Schools runs a background check on all volunteers)

  • Mentors - Our community is full of young men and women who need and would be thankful for older mentors that care for and offer wisdom along their life’s journey.

  • Ministry Partners - We have strategic partnerships with local ministries and organizations doing valuable work in our community that we love to connect people to!

    Connect in Community

  • Community/Small Groups - These are neighborhood-based small groups open to everyone! (Options will be announced soon.)

  • Bible Studies - We love the Bible and would be delighted for you to deepen your faith or explore the claims and beliefs of Christianity with us!

  • Parties - Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding reception, and we believe parties are a part of the biblical call to hospitality. We love hosting events for our neighbors and celebrating together! If you do nothing else with us please join us for one of these celebrations!

  • Sunday Salon - We believe ideas are important and we want to talk about them.

Connect Through Email/Text

If you would like to keep up-to-date on what is happening at All Souls, please join our email list.  

If you would like to get together with pastor Kirk, please text/call or email at: 512.808.7442 or


We count it an honor to walk with people through good and difficult times, through joyful occasions like baptism or a wedding and through hard, sad times like sickness and death. If you or someone you know need support in any of these areas please contact us.

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